HTTP Request Parameters

We can send you an HTTP request each time a customer buys your product or completes an advertiser’s offer. The request can include the following parameter values:

Value Placeholder Sample Value Description
%country% US The customer’s two-digit country code.
%oid% YTT5QU2 A unique 7-character ID identifying a specific item within a transaction (a transaction may contain multiple items).
%offer_category% Financial The category that contains the offer that customer completed.
%order_date% 02%2F15%2F2011 The date that customer completed the offer.
%product_price% USD19.99 Your product’s price.
%reward_amount% 200 The amount of virtual currency units you must deliver to your customer.
%revenue% 5.00 The revenue you earned from the transaction (always in USD).
%rid% ZT7UQU1 A unique 7-character transaction ID.
%sid% abcd1234 A unique ID you generate that identifies the customer and that you pass to us earlier. Must be a standard ASCII single-byte characters that conforms to the following regular expression: [-_a-zA-Z0-9.]
%tid% 9ahOFvh A unique
%timestamp% 02%2F15%2F2011+20%3A55%3A43 The date and time of the transaction.
%transaction_type% get_it_free Indicates how the customer paid. This value can be get-it-free, ratherpay, or direct-payment.