Why Choose Engage?

  • It rewards your users at key moments within your app — provide rewards for important engagement moments to increase retention
  • It offers a wide variety of advertising experiences — only TrialPay can provide you with virtual and real-world rewards in a single placement
  • It keeps your users in your app — users receive their reward via email, so can seamlessly continue with your app experience and interact with our advertiser later
  • It's display optimized — automatically adjusts to all devices and screen sizes

User Flow

ptm flow copy

Entry Point Best Practices

ptm best practices copy

What's Next?

1. Sign up for a mobile merchant account

Sign-up for a mobile merchant account here: https://merchant.trialpay.com/register/?t=mb. Once you confirm your email you can set up your first product.

2. Set up your app in the Evergreen Dashboard

Sign into your mobile merchant account at https://merchant.trialpay.com/login/ and set up your mobile product in our product console, or ask your account manager to set it up for you. Follow the instructions at Evergreen Dashboard Documentation to setup an app and the events that enable your Engage product.

3. Include "engage_email" parameter  (Optional)

For developers that have users' emails addresses, we recommend setting the "engage_email" parameter as a custom parameter.  Adding this parameter will yield higher coupon take rates, increasing eCPMs and overall revenue.

Ready to Integrate?

1. Install the Evergreen SDK

Note: Publisher may not implement TrialPay's services or technology on applications that are directed at, or collect data from, children under the age of 13.