Why Choose Earn?

  • It provides your users with the most offer inventory — let your users find the advertisers who are most relevant to them
  • It's customizable — you have full control over skin, borders, and messaging to create a seamless experience
  • It keeps your users in your app — users can interact with our advertisers within your experience
  • It's display optimized — automatically adjusts to all devices and screen sizes

User Flow

earn screenshot

What's Next?

1. Sign up for a mobile merchant account

Sign-up for a mobile merchant account here: https://merchant.trialpay.com/register/?t=mb. Once we approve your account you can set up your first product.

2. Set up your app in the Evergreen Dashboard

Sign into your mobile merchant account at https://merchant.trialpay.com/login/ and set up your mobile product in our product console, or ask your account manager to set it up for you. Follow the instructions at Evergreen Dashboard Documentation to setup an app and the events that enable your Earn product.

Ready to Integrate?

1. Install the Evergreen SDK

2. Deliver rewards

The Evergreen SDK will deliver rewards to your app, when the user sees the rewards dialog. Alternatively, you can set up a server side integration where you can control the rewards yourself users for completing offers!

3. Test the integration

To test your integration you will need to manually add your SID (User ID) to our system: Log into your Merchant Account and add your SID in your account's Test Settings page. Once your SID has been whitelisted, launch the Offer Wall and locate an offer that looks like this: Test Offer: Dynamic Video Tap on the test offer and perform the next step indicated. This test offer will play a video. Play the video that appears and when it finishes, confirm that you received a callback request or a client event. Note: Prior to going live with the offer wall, we would like to get a test build to guarantee the integration has been done properly. Preferable delivery mechanisms include TestFlight or you can send us the .apk file on Android. Note: Publisher may not implement TrialPay's services or technology on applications that are directed at, or collect data from, children under the age of 13.