How can I collect my customers’ software ID numbers before generating their activation keys?

The simplest way to collect your customers’ software ID numbers is to ask for it manually. To do this choose the I will take care of activation Activation Method and choose to be notified by E-mail. When you receive a notification that a customer has completed an Advertiser’s Offer, contact that customer and ask for their software ID number.

If you want to automate the process you can pass your customers’ software ID numbers to your Campaign’s SID parameter. When a customer completes an Advertiser’s Offer, we’ll send you an HTTP request and include the SID value (which we pull from your Campaign’s URL) along with any other information you specify. You can then generate the customer’s activation key, include it in your HTTP response, and we’ll deliver it to your customer.

To automate the collection process set up a way to pass your software ID’s to your Campaign’s SID value. Then choose either the I will take care of activation or Provide a unique key that I will generate Activation Methods and set up a Script notification that includes the SID parameter.

Please see the help article How can I collect specific customer information before generating activation keys? to learn how to use each Activation Method.