How can I collect specific customer information?

If you have a server that can accept HTTP POST or GET requests you can use a Script Notification to collect specific customer information when a customer completes an Advertiser’s Offer.

To set up Script Notification:

  1. Click the Product Console tab.
  2. Locate the Product that should collect customer information, and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Notifications in the navigation menu.
  4. Click the How would you like to be notified? drop-down menu, and select Script.
  5. Click the Method drop-down menu, and select the method you want to use.
  6. In the Notification Script URL text box, enter the URL where these requests should go.
  7. In the Custom HTTP Header text box, enter any HTTP Header your server may require.
  8. In the GET Parameters/POST Body text box, select the parameters you want us to send you in the request (see the Table 1 below).
  9. Click Save.

We can send you the following information (parameters) in the request:

Name Placeholder Description (and sample format)
First Name %fname% Your customer’s first name
Last Name %lname% Your customer’s last name
Email %email% Your customer’s e-mail address
SubID %sid% An optional parameter you append to your Campaign URL
Country %country% The standard two-digit code of the country where the customer placed the order (US)
Order ID Number %oid% A 7-letter ID we generate for each transaction (ZJ7HVFH)
Product ID/SKU %pid% Your product’s optional ID/SKU
Traffic Source Id %tid% Your campaign’s Campaign Name (cartpage)
Revenue in US Dollars %revenue% The Advertiser’s payout (35)
Offer Category %offer_category% The category of the Advertiser’s Offer
Original Transaction Date %order_date% The date your customer completed an advertiser’s offer
Notification Event Type %event_type% A notification’s type, either order or adjustment (order)
Notification Event Timestamp %timestamp% The date the matched advertiser approved your customer

TABLE 1 Supported script notification parameters

If you need other information before you can deliver you product (e.g., a customer’s mailing address) please contact Merchant Support at


  • The I will take care of activation and Provide a unique key that I will generate Activation Methods require a notification method during set up. If you have chosen one of these methods the notification information you already set up will be repeated here.
  • Requests originate from the following IP address range:,, –, and –
  • If our request fails to reach your server, we will retry three times, at staggered intervals. Failures appear in your Reports as a transaction.