I will take care of activation

If you just need to be notified in order to activate or deliver your product, we can e-mail you or send a GET or POST request when a customer completes an Advertiser’s Offer.

For an e-mail notification, provide us with up to ten e-mail addresses.

For a GET or POST request:

  1. Click the “How would you like to be notified?” drop-down menu and select “Script.”
  2. Click the “Method” drop-down menu and select the method you want to use.
  3. In the “Notification Script URL” box, enter the URL to send requests to.
  4. In the “Custom HTTP Header” box, enter the HTTP Header your server requires.
  5. In the “GET Parameters/POST Body” box, select the parameters used in the GET, POST, or XML-POST request.

We can use these parameters in the request:

Name Placeholder Description (and sample format)
First Name %fname% Your customer’s first name
Last Name %lname% Your customer’s last name
Email %email% Your customer’s e-mail address
SubID %sid% An optional parameter you append to your Campaign URL
Country %country% The standard two-digit code of the country where the customer placed the order (US)
Order ID Number %oid% A 7-letter ID we generate for each transaction (ZJ7HVFH)
Notification Event Timestamp %timestamp% The date the matched advertiser approved your customer (09/10/200814:24:53)
Revenue in US Dollars %revenue% The Advertiser’s payout (35)
Product ID/SKU %pid% Your product’s optional ID/SKU
Traffic Source Id %tid% Your campaign’s Campaign Name (cartpage)
Remote Merchant ID %rmid% Your recruited Merchant’s ID
Activation Key %activation_key1% The activation key we remove from your list and assign to your cutomer
Affiliate Name %affiliate_name% Your referring Affiliate’s ID number
Offer Category %offer_category% The category of the Advertiser’s Offer
Original Transaction Date %order_date% The date your customer completed an advertiser’s offer (09/10/2008)
Notification Event Type %event_type% A notification’s type, either order or adjustment (order)

TABLE 1 Supported script notification parameters

If you need other information before you can deliver you product (e.g., a customer’s mailing address) please contact Merchant Support at merchantsupport@trialpay.com.


  • Requests originate from the following IP address range:,, –, and –
  • If our request fails to reach your server, we will retry three times, at staggered intervals. Failures appear in your Reports as a transaction.

Default Delivery Instructions*

The following default Delivery Instructions will be displayed to any customer who completes an advertiser’s offer:


Congratulations on getting “%product_name1%” for free!

[Your Company Name] will send you an e-mail with activation instructions within 24 business hours. If you do not receive %product1% within 24 hours, please contact [Your Company Name] Support at the e-mail address or Web site listed below.


Before sending the instructions to your customers, we will replace %product_name1% with your product’s name.

You may edit these instructions in the Delivery Instructions section. However, you must provide a delivery time frame, and it must be within 48 hours.

* Social Merchants do not have or require delivery instructions.