Merchant Referrals

TrialPay allows you to earn more money by referring other merchants to TrialPay. We have provided you with a special link and buttons that you can use to encourage other merchants to sign up. The link allows us to track who you have referred. You will earn 5% of each purchase generated by each referral for an effective period of 180 days for each referral, up to $250,000.00 for each referral. These earnings will be directly added to your monthly payment balance. Your payment balance as well as the referrals report (both of which are under the Reports tab) will clearly show how much you have earned through TrialPay’s referral program.

Please read through our terms and conditions for our referral program located under the Referrals tab. Any type of fraud associated with merchant referrals can result in being permanently terminated from TrialPay’s merchant program.