Provide a unique key that I will generate

If you generate a unique activation key for each customer, we can send a GET or POST request to your server when a customer completes an Advertiser’s Offer. You can then respond to the request with the customer’s activation key, and we will include it in your Delivery Instructions.

To use this method:

 1. Click the Method drop-down menu and select the method you want to use.
 2. In the Activation Key Generator URL box, enter a URL to send key requests to. 
 3. In the Custom HTTP Header box, enter the HTTP Header your server requires. 
 4. In the GET Parameters/POST Body box, select the parameters used in the GET or POST request.

We can use these parameters in the request:

Name Placeholder Description (and sample format)
First Name %fname% Your customer’s first name
Last Name %lname% Your customer’s last name
Email %email% Your customer’s e-mail address
SubID %sid% An optional parameter you append to your Campaign URL
Country %country% The standard two-digit code of the country where the customer placed the order (US)
Order ID Number %oid% A 7-letter ID we generate for each transaction (ZJ7HVFH)
Notification Event Timestamp %timestamp% The date the matched advertiser approved your customer (09/10/200814:24:53)
Revenue in US Dollars %revenue% The Advertiser’s payout (35)
Product ID/SKU %pid% Your product’s optional ID/SKU
Traffic Source Id %tid% Your campaign’s Campaign Name (cartpage)
Remote Merchant ID %rmid% Your recruited Merchant’s ID
Product Price %product_price% Your product’s retail price (4)
TABLE 1 Supported HTTP request parameters


  • Key requests originate from the following IP address range:,, –, and –
  • Your key response must be a one-line text string. Additional lines will be ignored.
  • If our request fails to reach your server, we will retry three times, at staggered intervals. Failures appear in your Reports as a transaction.

Default Delivery Instructions

The following default Delivery Instructions will be displayed in the Shopper account of any customer who completes an advertiser’s offer and requires a key:

To activate your copy of "%product_name1%," please follow the steps below:
1. Download %product_name1% from <a href="%downloadURL1%">%downloadURL1%</a>
2. Install it on your computer
3. Use this activation key to activate your version of %product_name1%:

The default instructions use the following placeholders:

Name Placeholder Description
Product Name %product_name1% Your Product’s name
Activation Key %activation_key1% The activation key we remove from your list and assign to your customer
Download URL %downloadURL1% The URL you entered in the Product Download URL section
TABLE 2 Default Delivery Instructions placeholders

You may edit these instructions in the Delivery Instructions section. However, you must include the %activation_key1% placeholder. We replace this placeholder with a key from your list. If the placeholder is missing, we can’t include your key.