Sales Report

The sales report gives you detailed information about each transaction. The report can also be exported into CSV. The report also allows you to easily search for a customer using their email address or customer name.

Detail for the sales report include the following:

  • Transaction Date: this is when the transaction occurred.
  • Reference#: this is a unique TrialPay generated number that identifies that transaction
  • Campaign: this is the name of the campaign that the transaction originated from. This is a name you gave your campaign for your product.
  • Category: this is the type of offer your customer bought through TrialPay to get your product for free.
  • Customer Name: this is the first and last name that your customer gave us when completing the transaction.
  • Country: your customer’s country.
  • Revenue(USD): the revenue generated by that transaction.
  • Comment: this is a comment that a TrialPay staff would enter. this is rarely used.
  • Last Updated: this is the last date where any changes to your transactions payout occurred.
  • Clicking on your customer’s name will give more details about that customer’s transaction. you will see an SID if you gave your product an SID value for that customer. You will see the activation key that was given to that customer if you product has activation keys.