How can I see which Advertiser Offers are available?

Once we approve your product, you can test it to see which Advertiser Offers are available to your customers.

To test your Product:

  1. Click the Product Console tab.
  2. Locate the Product you want to test and click its Test link.
  3. Click the Customer Country drop-down menu and select the country you want to simulate.
  4. Click the Campaign drop-down menu and select a Campaign that you’ve created for this Product (Optional).
  5. Enter an SID in the SID value text box if you append SIDs to your Campaign’s URL (Optional).
  6. Enter your contact information, and then click Continue. We recommend that you use your own, valid e-mail address, so you can see what your Delivery Instructions look like.

The Advertiser Offers page will display all offers available to customers in the country you specified.

To test an Advertiser Offer:

  1. At the top of the All Offers column click the TrialPay Advertiser Offer. We provide you with this Advertiser Offer for testing purposes only. Your customers do not see it.
  2. In the TrialPay overlay that appears, click Complete this offer.
  3. In the new Web page, click Continue or wait 5 seconds for the page to redirect you.
  4. On the Step 1 page click Complete the test offer.
  5. Close the Step 2 page.
  6. In the Welcome back to TrialPay overlay click Check offer status.
  7. On the Advertiser Offer Completion Page click Get your product now.