Provide a key from a pre-generated key list

If your product requires an activation key or coupon code (coupon codes are consided keys), you can upload a list of keys to TrialPay. When a customer completes an offer, we will remove a key from your list, assign it to the customer, and display it along with your Delivery Instructions in the customer’s Shopper account.

To have TrialPay issue keys from a list, add your keys to a single text (.txt) file, each on its own line, and upload the file to our server.

To have TrialPay notify you when your keys run below a certain number, enter that number and an e-mail address in the space provided.

Please note that key characters are limited to numbers, letters, linefeeds, carriage returns, spaces, and the ASCII characters: ! ” # $ % & ‘ ( ) * + , – . / : ; < > ? @ [ ] ˆ _ ` { | } ˜

Default Delivery Instructions

The following default Delivery Instructions will be displayed in the Shopper account of any customer who completes an Advertiser’s Offer and requires a key from your list:

To activate your copy of "%product_name1%," please follow the steps below:
 1. Download %product_name1% from <a href="%downloadURL1%">%downloadURL1%</a>
 2. Install it on your computer
 3. Use this activation key to activate your version of %product_name1%:

The default Delivery Instructions use the following placeholders:

Name Placeholder Description
Product Name %product_name1% Your Product’s name
Activation Key %activation_key1% The activation key we remove from your list and assign to your cutomer
Download URL %downloadURL1% The URL you entered in the Product Download URL section
TABLE 1 Default Delivery Instructions placeholders

You may edit these instructions in the Delivery Instructions section. However, you must include the %activation_key1% placeholder. We replace this placeholder with a key from your list. If the placeholder is missing, we can’t include your key.