Multiple Dynamic Products

You can provide a set of products for a customer to buy, or allow customers to choose their own products and create their own set. If you design your Web site to offer these customers TrialPay as a payment option, your dynamic product’s MAP represents the lowest amount you’re willing to accept from an Advertiser for the entire set of products. Products will no longer have individual MAPs.

Most merchants who use Dynamic Products determine a combined product value “cutoff” amount that matches their MAP. This amount determines whether or not to offer TrialPay as a payment option. If the combined product values exceed the amount, they do not offer TrialPay as a payment option.

For example, let’s say you choose a cutoff amount of $50 and set your Default Product MAP to $50. You sell 3 types of software:

  • Product A sells for $75
  • Product B sells for $50
  • Product C sells for $25

Customers who choose only product A won’t see the TrialPay offer. Customers who choose products B and C together also won’t see the offer. But, customers who choose product B alone, or who choose two copies of product C, will see TrialPay as a payment option.