Building Your Dynamic Product HTML Form

Once we approve your Default Product, you can build your HTML Form. Eventually you will build an HTML Form for each of your products, but for now, create a Form for only one product.

To create your HTML Form code:

    1. Decide which product information you want to send to us.
    2. Generate the HTML Form’s three INPUT values.
    3. Replace the HTML Form Template Code values with your INPUT values.

Once you have your HTML Form code, incorporate it into your product’s Web page. Of course, you may edit the HTML Form so it blends well with your product’s Web site.

Eventually you will create an HTML Form for each of your products. But, once you know which product information you will always be sending us, your database team should easily be able to gather all of your products’ information and generate HTML Forms for each of them.

Product Information

Decide which product information you want to send to us in the POST request. For your first HTML Form, we recommend that you send us only the required information about your product:

        • The POST Schema Version (1)
        • MAP
        • Product External Name
        • Product Description
        • Product Price
        • Product Currency
        • SID

This information will be used to create the values for three INPUT tags that comprise the HTML Form.

INPUT Values

The HTML Form uses three INPUT tags: enc, message, and hmac.


Decide what format to code the product information in. You may choose either url or url/aes.

The value for this tag must be a string: url or url/aes.


Once you’ve decided what format to use, encode the information in that format.

This value for this tag must be a string.


Finally, authenticate the encoded product information. Generate an HMAC MD5 authentication code using the encoded product information and the HMAC MD5 algorithm. Please refer to “The HMAC MD5 Hash” section for details about HMAC MD5 authentication.

The value for this tag must be a string.

HTML Form Template Code

Copy the HTML Form Template Code below:

<form action=”[your campaign URL]” method=”post” style=”margin-left: 15px;”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”enc” value=”[enc value]” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”message” value=”[message value]” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”hmac” value=”[hmac value]” />
<button type=”submit”>Go To TrialPay</button>

Replace the [enc value][message value], and [hmac value] placeholders with their corresponding INPUT values that you just created.

Also, replace the ACTION attribute’s [your campaign URL] placeholder with your campaign’s URL.