What are Dynamic Products?

Instead of re-creating your entire product line in our Product Console, you can provide us with individual product information whenever a customer clicks a TrialPay Payment Option link on your Web site. We can then use that information to build a Landing Page for the product, or group of products. This is useful if you have a large product line (20+), or a product line that changes frequently.

To enable Dynamic Products, please contact Merchant Support at merchantsupport@trialpay.com.

How Dynamic Products Work

When you offer TrialPay as a payment option for a particular product, your customers click a link to learn more about the offer. The link is actually an HTML Form that contains all of your product’s information. When they click the link, the form sends us all of the product’s information as an HTTP POST request.

At the same time, we build your product’s Landing Page using default product information. We then replace the default information with the new product information contained in the POST request, and display the product’s Landing Page to your customer.

All of this happens instantly.

How to Use Dynamic Products

Using Dynamic Products involves several steps:

  1. Enabling dynamic products for your account
  2. Creating a Default Dynamic Product
  3. Testing with the Dynamic Product Test Page
  4. Submitting your product for approval
  5. Building your HTML Form