How can I test my Product?

Testing your product allows you to simulate the entire TrialPay process from a customer’s perspective. We recommend testing your product before promoting it. This will give you a good idea of the entire process, show you how automated e-mails look, and demonstrate how customers activate or receive your product.

Testing your product allows you to:

  • See how your product’s Landing Page will appear to customers in any country or region
  • View the number of offers available to customers based on their country of origin and your MAP settings
  • Trigger any script or e-mail notifications you may have set up
  • Trigger product activation e-mails your customers may receive
  • See how your Delivery Instructions and Support Contact Information appears in a customer’s Shopper account

To test your Product:

  1. Click the Product Console tab.
  2. Locate the Product you want to test and click its Test link.
  3. Click the Customer Country drop-down menu and select the country you want to simulate.
  4. Click the Campaign drop-down menu and select a Campaign that you’ve created for this Product (Optional).
  5. Enter an SID in the SID value text box if you append SIDs to your Campaign’s URL (Optional).
  6. Enter your contact information, and then click Continue. We recommend that you use your own, valid e-mail address, so you can see what your Delivery Instructions look like.
  7. At the top of the All Offers column click the TrialPay Advertiser Offer. We provide you with this Advertiser Offer for testing purposes only. Your customers do not see it.
  8. In the TrialPay overlay that appears, click Complete this offer.
  9. In the new Web page, click Continue or wait 5 seconds for the page to redirect you.
  10. On the Step 1 page click Complete the test offer.
  11. Close the Step 2 page.
  12. In the Welcome back to TrialPay overlay click Check offer status.


  • Check the inbox of the e-mail address you used in step 6 to see any automated e-mails that were triggered.
  • If you set your product delivery’s activation method to use pre-generated keys, an activation key will be used each time you test.
  • You cannot test a product until you create at least one Campaign.

: Publisher may not implement TrialPay’s services or technology on applications that are directed at, or collect data from, children under the age of 13.