What is a MAP?

When a customer completes an advertiser’s offer, the advertiser buys your product for your customer. A payout is the amount the advertiser pays. The Minimum Acceptable Payout (MAP) is the lowest amount you are willing to accept.

Your MAP is independent of your retail price, and is entirely confidential. We use the MAP to determine which advertiser offers your customers will see.

It’s advantageous to set your MAP as low as possible. The lower you set your MAP, the more Advertiser Offers we can show your customers. This means your customers are more likely to find something they want to try or buy.

A low MAP also increases the chance that a customer will complete an offer that exceeds your MAP. If a customer completes an offer that exceeds your MAP, you are paid the advertiser’s full acquisition amount, not just your MAP amount.


  • We only match you with advertiser offers that meet or exceed your MAP.
  • We optimize the advertiser offers shown to your customers to maximize conversion and payout.
  • You may change your MAP at any time.