What are Delivery Instructions?

Delivery instructions explain how to activate your product.

When customers complete an advertiser’s offer, we direct them to their shopper account. Once they are in their shopper account, they will see the completed order, along with these instructions.

We provide default delivery instructions for each activation method. Please refer to each method’s section to see its default delivery instructions and requirements.

You may customize your delivery instructions. If you do, use the Customer Info and Transaction Info drop-down menus to insert placeholders into your instructions. When we send a customer your Delivery Instructions, we will replace the placeholders with their corresponding variables. For example, if you generate activation keys for your product, we can insert the key into your instructions.

You can include the following information (parameters) in your delivery instructions, depending on which activation method you choose:

Name Placeholder Description (and sample format)
First Name %fname% Your customer’s first name
Last Name %lname% Your customer’s last name
Email %email% Your customer’s e-mail address
SubID %sid% An optional parameter you append to your Campaign URL
Country %country% The standard two-digit code of the country where the customer placed the order (US)
Order ID Number %oid% A 7-letter ID we generate for each transaction (ZJ7HVFH)
Product ID/SKU %pid% Your product’s optional ID/SKU
Traffic Source Id %tid% Your campaign’s Campaign Name (cartpage)
Product1 Name %product_name1% Your product’s name
Activation Key for Product 1 %activation_key1% Your product’s activation key
Download URL for Product 1 %downloadURL1% Your product’s Product Download URL

TABLE 1 Delivery Instructions supported parameters


  • Once you edit the default text, it cannot be restored. Instead, copy the default instructions from your activation method’s help article.
  • Do not include any introductory greetings or salutations in your text (e.g., “Dear %fname%… “).
  • The delivery instructions text box supports anchorbold, and paragraph HTML tags.
  • We do not translate your delivery instructions to match the language of your customer’s country. If you want delivery instructions in another language, please create a new product and write its delivery instructions in the appropriate language. If you have translation questions, please contact Merchant Support at merchantsupport@trialpay.com.
  • Download links will not work in previewed delivery instructions. They only work when completing a test offer, or if you complete an actual offer.