Common Technical Errors

1.  “Transaction could not be processed at this time” Facebook error

Something is wrong with your currency_url. Check the debugger (Facebook's object debug tool). You might be missing a description (required)

2.  Unknown Facebook App ID

The Facebook Offer Shortcut/DealSpot displays this error if we can’t retrieve your app’s publicly available meta data. This could be because you’ve provided an invalid app ID or—more likely—because your app is still private (e.g., you’re using a development or QA version of your app).

If you would like us to populate your app’s meta data manually and avoid this error, please email and provide us with:

  • App ID #
  • App Name
  • App Developer

3.  DealSpot icon is not appearing

  • Are you in a country with DealSpot offers?
  • Are you integrating NPP only? You may not be eligible for the promotion.

4.  DealSpot overlay appearing behind game

This can be fixed by adding a Z-index parameter to your code snippet. For example:

5. “This URL is missing important information” error

Please make sure that you are passing in an SID that is at least 2-characters long and that all other required parameters are being passed in.

6. I am creating a second DealSpot/Offerwall and want to track them differently

You can pass in a different value to the "touchpoint" parameter.

7. My touchpoints say to earn 'Facebook In-App Currency' instead of my game's native currency

Make sure your currency URL is formatted properly. You can run your currency object through the Facebook Open Graph Debugger to catch any currency object errors

8.  I don't see my tp_vendor_id in my notification preferences

You have created the wrong type of account. Please create a Facebook merchant account. It only takes a few minutes!