Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need a Merchant Account?

Yes! Your TrialPay merchant account is where you will be able to access reporting, testing, and customization for your integrations. Your merchant account is also where you input your payment information and see past/pending payments. You will still need to create an account even if you already have an off Facebook or Virtual Items account.

Create your TrialPay Merchant Account here.

2.  What are the advantages of switching to the TrialPay direct integration?

With TrialPay Direct, all back-end communication will happen directly between you and TrialPay. This will allow for quicker load times, more specific reporting and easier troubleshooting. Developers that upgrade to TrialPay Direct can also take advantage of the "New Offer Indicator," a new feature that will keep users coming back to the Offer Wall. Furthermore, developers with lower exchange rates will now have access to an even broader selection of video inventory. All of these upgrades will mean even more revenue for you!

3.  Where can I see data on the performance of TrialPay in my game?

You can find our reporting dashboard in the "reporting" tab of your TrialPay merchant account:

4.  How will I get paid?

TrialPay will pay you around the 25th of every month for the previous month. However, you will only receive payment if you exceed the minimum payment threshold for your desired method of payment. You can update all of your payment information in the account setting of your TrialPay merchant account:

5. Why should I integrate both the Offer Wall and DealSpot?

The offer wall and DealSpot help monetize in slightly different ways. DealSpot promotes one offer at a time in an upper-funnel placement whereas the offer wall will allow users to browse through our hundreds of live offers at their leisure. DealSpot is more likely to attract users that notice a particularly good offer while playing their game, whereas the offer wall will draw in players who are specifically looking to earn Virtual Currency through any offer.